The European quality assurance scheme for breast cancer services focuses on improving the outcomes of care taking also into account the patient experience/ satisfaction. The Scheme will be available to all interested breast cancer services (hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres, etc.) worldwide.


The Scheme is a collection of requirements and correspondent indicators to support breast cancer services to improve their quality.

A self-assessment tool is under development to help services to determine their preparedness to comply with the requirements of the Scheme and to identify what they need to do to achieve compliance.

When services are ready they can apply for formal recognition of compliance with the Scheme, which will be assessed by independent bodies recognised by the Scheme.

Auditors will assess whether the scheme requirements are met by means of remote checking of documents / reports and on-site visits, including the review of medical records, interviews with service staff, etc.

Requirements are listed and described in a manual that provides details on how the respective requirements have to be met (depending on the specific process concerned), and on the indicators to be used to verify quantitative requirements.

The Manual also specifies guidance on how compliance with a given requirement can be demonstrated by the breast cancer services.

A software tool to help breast cancer services seeking certification to compute the needed indicators to measure compliance with the Scheme requirements is under development by the JRC.

These tools and the Manual are freely available for health services that wish to improve their quality of care.

The Scheme shall follow ISO/IEC/17065 Certification.