Manuals have been developed for each main actor involved in the European quality assurance (QA) scheme implementation process.

The manuals are under development and expected in Spring 2021

Manual for breast cancer services

All requirements are listed and described in this manual. It provides details on how to meet the respective requirements, as well as on the calculation of indicators that will be used to verify quantitative requirements.

The manual also specifies how compliance with a given requirement has to be demonstrated by the breast cancer services.

Scheme owner manual

This manual sets out how the QA scheme is organised, managed and maintained and how the certification process is carried out. The aim is to provide full details of scheme owner requirements for breast cancer services and certification bodies participating in the scheme.

Manual for certification bodies

A section of the scheme owner manual is dedicated to certification bodies. This document contains everything auditors need to know in terms of scheme requirements, how to perform the audit, and when to give certification.