Healthcare question

Should tailored screening with magnetic resonance imaging, in addition to digital mammography, vs. digital mammography alone be used for early detection of breast cancer in asymptomatic women with high mammographic breast density in organised screening programmes?


For asymptomatic women, with high mammographic breast density and a negative mammography, in the context of an organised screening programme, the ECIBC's Guidelines Development Group (GDG) suggests not implementing tailored screening with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) over digital mammography (DM) alone.

Recommendation strength ­

  Conditional recommendation against the intervention

  Very low certainty of the evidence

Subgroup considerations

This recommendation is for the women specified in the question.

Research priorities

Not all GDG members felt that there is a need for further research. GDG members acknowledged that there are clinical trials ongoing regarding MRI-tailored screening for women with high breast density.

Research priorities included:

  1. Research into the balance of effects, including the potential risk of adverse events due to contrast reaction or intravenous procedures is required for MRI
  2. Research to improve the specificity of MRI-tailored screening
  3. Need to study abbreviated protocols to make the intervention less costly and more acceptable.

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