To determine the best screening frequency the ECIBC's Guidelines Development Group (GDG) compared 3 different frequencies (annual, biennial and triennial) against each other for each age range.

Healthcare question

Should annual vs. triennial mammography screening be used for early detection of breast cancer in women aged 45 to 49?


For asymptomatic women aged 45 to 49 with an average risk of breast cancer, the ECIBC's Guidelines Development Group (GDG) suggests against annual mammography screening over triennial mammography screening in the context of an organised screening programme.

Recommendation strength ­

  Conditional recommendation against the intervention

  Very low certainty of the evidence

Considerations for implementation and policy making

The GDG agreed that the possibility of using other imaging techniques in this subgroup of women may be relevant to consider.

Monitoring and evaluation

Evaluate existing programmes that already have in place annual screening in order to have data for inter-country comparability.

Supporting documents