These recommendations are for women who do not have any symptoms of breast cancer, are not at high risk of breast cancer, and want to know when they should be screened.

Healthcare question

Should organised mammography screening vs. no mammography screening be used for early detection of breast cancer in women aged 70 to 74?


For asymptomatic women aged 70 to 74 with an average risk of breast cancer, the ECIBC's Guidelines Development Group (GDG) suggests mammography screening over no mammography screening, in the context of an organised screening programme.

Recommendation strength ­

  Conditional recommendation for the intervention

  Moderate certainty of the evidence

Subgroup considerations

This recommendation does not apply to high-risk women (see recommendations for women with high breast density).

Considerations for implementation and policy making

Continued screening in this age group should be guided by life expectancy.

Alternative strategies may be needed to extend screening to age groups that were screened at a younger age.

Monitoring and evaluation

Future monitoring and evaluation of screening services should consider risks and benefits in the context of evolving treatment and management protocols. Monitoring and evaluation criteria are being developed within the ECIBC initiative.

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