When screening for breast cancer, different tests can be used. These recommendations provide information about the use of mammography or tomosynthesis in asymptomatic women not at high risk of breast cancer.

NOTE: An updated version of the recommendations below is included in the following scientific article Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis: A synopsis of the European Breast Guidelines. Ann Intern Med. 2020; 172 (1), where they were judged as ‘conditional recommendation against'. Given emerging evidence and the JRC’s commitment to strive for the most up to date recommendations, particularly in rapidly developing areas, they are being updated again. The next version is expected no later than February 2020.

Use of digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT)

In the context of an organised screening programme, for asymptomatic women with an average risk of breast cancer, the ECIBC's Guidelines Development Group (GDG) suggests:

  • screening with either DBT or digital mammography (DM) (conditional recommendation, very low certainty of the evidence).
  • screening with either DBT in addition to digital mammography or digital mammography (DM) alone (conditional recommendation, very low certainty in the evidence).

Since the GDG made a strong recommendation for screening at ages 50-69, these apply specifically to this age group.