European Commission Initiative on Colorectal Cancer

ECICC working group

First call for nominations

Call status: closed

Applications to the first phase of nominations for the working group of the European Commission Initiative on Colorectal Cancer (ECICC) are now closed.

In total, we received 95 applications from 24 countries and 15 experts have been appointed to kick the initiative off.

More information on the ECICC working group and kick-off meeting will be published soon on the updated website dedicated to ECICC.

Call for specific expertise

Call status: upcoming

To cover all needed expertise areas for the ECICC activities, we are calling for a second expression of interest from experts covering the following topic areas: 

  • Radiation oncologist
  • Nurse specialised in oncology
  • Clinical laboratory specialist with competence in quality assurance, and
  • Epidemiologist/public health/preventive medicine specialist with expertise in primary prevention in colorectal cancer.

ECICC expert pool

Call status: open

The expert pool will serve to:

  • invite experts to future subgroup activities. The definition of recommendations and requirements will rely to a large extend on the subgroup activities working on specific healthcare questions. Potential candidates will be selected from the expert pool and will be invited to join a given subgroup when and as needed. The subgroups will be dissolved when their specific mandate has been fulfilled and will therefore last for a limited period of time.
  • replace ECICC working group members when and as needed.

All clinical, scientific and technical experts in areas related to the initiative (see the expertise required), as well as for patients and/or caregivers, are invited to apply using the online application form. Please read carefully the call documents   before applying.

The ECICC expert pool call will remain open for the entire duration of the project.

Apply as a professional

Apply as a patient/caregiver


The Joint Research Centre (JRC) has launched the European Commission Initiative on Colorectal Cancer (ECICC) to develop evidence-based guidelines for prevention, screening and diagnosis of colorectal cancer, together with a quality assurance scheme covering the entire care pathway. To achieve these two objectives, the JRC, in collaboration with the Directorate General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE), will rely on the collaboration of the ECICC working group and the ECICC expert pool.

Frequently asked questions

May I still apply to the ECICC expert pool if I am representing an organisation, community, or entity with interest in the ECICC activities?

You can only apply as an individual and you cannot represent any private, commercial or national interests while participating in the ECICC activities. However, a stakeholder group will be created after the establishment of the ECICC working group; gathering relevant international organisations active in the development of guidelines, patient organisations and international schemes representatives. The aim of this group is to guarantee consistent collaboration and to avoid duplication of efforts.

What workload should I expect if appointed as a member?

The estimated workload as a working group member or subgroup expert is between 2-3 meetings per month, each lasting from 1 to a maximum of 4 hours. Also, monthly preparatory and follow-up activities will require on average half- to one-day time distributed along the month.

If appointed as a member of the ECICC working group, am I supposed to carry out studies (i.e. systematic searches, epidemiologic modelling) according to my area of expertise(s)?

No, the ECICC working group members will evaluate the summary of evidence provided by independent external reviews in the various fields. Therefore, members must have the relevant knowledge to judge study protocols and results related to their area of expertise.