European Commission Initiative on Colorectal Cancer


The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is launching the European Commission Initiative on Colorectal Cancer (ECICC) to develop evidence-based guidelines for prevention, screening and diagnosis of colorectal cancer, together with a quality assurance scheme covering the entire care pathway. To achieve these two objectives, the JRC, in collaboration with the Directorate General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE), will set up the “ECICC working group”.

The JRC is hereby calling for clinical, scientific and technical experts in areas related to the initiative, as well as for patients and/or caregivers, to be appointed as members of the ECICC working group.

A group representing organisations or entities with particular interest in the activities of ECICC will be formed after the establishment of the ECICC working group. The JRC will seek feedback of this stakeholder representatives group as and when needed.

Extended deadline: 16 May 2021



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Please read carefully the documents provided above before applying.

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