First screening recommendations now online

When independent scientific evidence on breast cancer is translated into healthcare quality and policy, the impact on the lives of millions of European women can be absolutely enormous. The first European Breast Cancer Guidelines’ recommendations for screening were launched at the ECIBC Plenary.

During the Plenary on 24-25 November 2016, breast cancer experts, policy makers and healthcare professionals from 27 European countries gathered in Varese (Italy) to discuss the implementation and impact of (1) the first four European Breast Guidelines’ screening recommendations and (2) the ECIBC, as a model to improve breast cancer care and outcomes.

These recommendations finally give clear directions (advice) to both women and professionals on the appropriate age ranges (between 40 and 74) for breast cancer screening. This is about to change a situation that has remained static for the last 10 years. They will be updated in real-time (as evidence becomes available) and each recommendation is specifically tailored to the needs of citizens and patients, health professionals, and policy makers.

Check them here