Thanks to all who have contributed to this call. The results are being considered for the further development of the project.

ECIBC covers all processes of breast cancer care and for all of them competence of involved professionals is the key to provide appropriate care to persons and patients. As the first step in ensuring adequate competence of professionals, ECIBC is developing a template for training on digital breast screening. It will contain minimum training requirements for radiologists and radiographers providing digital breast screening in the services adhering to the European QA scheme.

ECIBC is looking at these key aspects in several ways: by searching for evidence on impacts of competence/training requirements; by searching available training templates/competence requirements; by looking at ongoing projects; by discussing within the two working groups on specialised training in breast care; and, last but not at all the least, by asking the support of stakeholders, YOU, to compile useful information about the rules and templates adopted in various countries/regions organisations. All these actions are complex and demanding, not only from the ECIBC perspective, but also for stakeholders, hence prioritisation of processes to be covered was needed.

The template is developed by deriving the recommendations from existing templates and considering the countries' legal frameworks for professionals licencing and competence. Although the legislation and measures of ensuring the appropriate competence may differ among countries, the content of education and training should be based on evidence and on best practices.

This survey is launched to collect information about the content of the trainings applied in the countries and also the legislations in place. All scientific communities, national and international societies, and other entities that developed, used, made available or published training standards or competencies requirements for radiologists and radiographers working in breast cancer screening programmes are invited to answer to the Survey. We, therefore, kindly ask you to provide documents that can complete the picture obtained from these other sources and to provide all possible information about the legislative framework.

Please be aware that the databases (MEDLINE and EMBASE) and stakeholders' websites have been searched by a service provider (Iberoamerican Cochrane Collaboration) until March 2016 and publications including minimum requirements for the training of radiologists and radiographers working in breast cancer screening were identified and collected from these sources. 

 Please notice that at this stage all information collected with this call will be handled in a strictly confidential manner, and only the European Commission, and the subjects acting on its behalf under strict confidential rules, will have access to the data submitted.